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Titanium Additives

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Ti Tablets is a new material substitutefor master alloys. It is pressed by pure metal powder and additives, accordingto a certain proportion after homogeneous mixing. It could adjust Ti contentsof different kinds of aluminum alloys, which could lower the meltingtemperature.



1. Additives for master alloys.

2. Alloying additives for materials ofautomobile, ship building and Airspace Industries.



1) Simplify aluminium melting process

2) Save energy and raw materials,cost

3) Prior control alloy content, improvequality

4) high metal content, small-sized,easy tostore and use


Instructions For Use :

According to alloying element content ofalloy brand and results of bath analysis, as 95% actual yield count thequantity of TiAl additive. After slagging off ,spray it to aluminum pooldirectly and evenly, after flammule disappeared and 20-30minutes standing, shouldenhance hand stirring for 5 minutes, make it uniform diffusion. And accordingto actual condition,assure some time to diffusion.

1)Use temperature:745°C±5°C

2)Quantity added(kg)=alloying element content-bathanalysis element content)X outfit furnace quantity(kg)÷actual yield 95% X additivealloying element content 3)melting time :20min-30min



Chemical Composition:

75#Ti Tablet : Ti:75%±3%,Additives(Flux or Al): 25%±3%, Fe:0.30%Max, Si:0.15%Max,

               Others: 0.50%Max.

80#Ti Tablet : Ti:80%±3%, Additives(Flux or Al): 20%±3%,Fe:0.30%Max, Si:0.15%Max,

               Others: 0.50%Max.

85#Ti Tablet : Ti:85%±3%, Additives(Flux or Al): 15%±3%,Fe:0.30%Max, Si:0.15%Max,

               Others: 0.50%Max.


Physical Specifications:

Diameter 80mm; height 25mm;500g/tablet


Packed with 20kgs carton,contained the plastic moisture-proof package (2kgs/packet).



Placedin ventilated and dry place. The shelf life is 6 months.


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